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In it I share with you this little Room (corner) Makeover I did a couple of days ago.


Top 5 Christmas Decoration D.I.Y’s from Lia Griffith

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Untitled design(26)

Hello my wonderful readers,

How are you all doing! For today I wanted to share with you my top 5 favorite Christmas decoration d.i.y’s from Lia Griffith. Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year and there’s nothing I love more then spending hours on hours searching for fun new ways to decorate my house. So you can imagine my excitement when I found this site as I was going through my Pinterest posts. Just one look at those adorable little owls and I was hooked. I went to the site to find out how they were made and after spending a good 20 minutes browsing around I was so happy to find even more fun d.i.y’s to do.

One of the things I really loved about the site is that the projects were so diverse and a lot of them I haven’t seen anywhere else before. It was really refreshing to see since d.i.y projects can over time start to get repetitive and boring.

So without further ado… here is my top 5 list!

Foam and Crepe Paper Owl


How precious does this owl look!! It would be such a great bonus gift to give to your family and friends.


Floristic Crepe Paper Poinsettias


These flowers would make such great center pieces or you could even place them on top of gifts instead of bows. There are so many different ways you can get creative with them.


Felt Ball Christmas Pillows


I was so excited to find this Christmas pillow d.i.y on the site. Not only are they super cute but they’re also simple to make and really inexpensive as well.


Glitter Paper Candle Wreaths


Such a pretty touch to add around candles. Gives them a more festive vibe!


Paper Evergreen Holiday Wreath


Christmas decorations wouldn’t be complete without at least one wreath to tie it all together. This one here is my favorite from the site because it has that classic feel to it and I really love the attention to detail of the leaves and cranberry’s.


That is it, those are my Top 5 Favorite Christmas Decoration D.I.Y’s. You should definitely check out the site. There are heaps of other decoration ideas for you to choose from and they’re not all limited to the Christmas theme.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post. I really appreciate it and I really hope you got some inspiration and ideas from it! Have a wonderful week everyone, I’ll talk to you all on Monday!

xxx Mirjana


Favorite Spring Outfits LookBook

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Hello my lovelies,

For today I just wanted to quickly share with you a link to my newest YouTube video, since I’ve only now just realized I haven’t, so sorry it’s a bit late.

In the video I share with you 3 of my favorite go to Spring outfits in this short lookbook. I had so much fun filming this video and I really hope you enjoy it as well. That is all, I am now of to watch the new Gilmore Girls revival!

I hope you all have a fantastic day 🙂 I’ll talk to you all on Monday!

xxx Mirjana


It’s All About That Texture

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48d55e0c8ef7e20c606313efd299d4d4Hello my beautiful readers,

For today’s post I wanted to share with you my favorite way of sprucing up a plain outfit. Can you guess what method I’m thinking of? {Hint: It’s in the title!} You got it, it’s by adding pieces of clothing, shoes, bags, or accessories that have a great texture to them. I found this will give your outfit a more three dimensional look to it which looks amazing both in real life and in pictures as well.

I’ve looked through a bunch of images and have found these few textures that I think will be very easy to incorporate into your day to day life. Some you may even have in your wardrobe right now.

                                                         Faux Leather

New York Fashionweek 2012

Faux leather is one of the most simplest ways to add a bit of texture to your wardrobe. It’s a great versatile piece to own, whether that be in the form of a skirt, jacket or pants. You can style it an endless amount of ways so it’s perfect for both day and night occasions.


Feather-Reflections-3-433x650I know what your thinking feathers really!? But hear me out not every piece of clothing made of feathers will be tacky and ugly. Just look at the photo above now doesn’t that look like a really cute, fun skirt to wear. The key when buying pieces of clothes with feathers on them is to make sure the feathers look very polished and put together.


Jacket-Chanel-style-18Tweed is such a beautiful material that looks very preppy, classic and sophisticated. I know when I think of tweed I usually associate it with those stunning Vintage Chanel suits. Ahh a girl can dream! Don’t worry us girls on a tight budget don’t have to miss out since I have seen thousands of beautiful tweed jackets, skirts and dresses all available online at very reasonable prices.

Getting back on topic! Tweed is another very easy material to style since it pretty much goes with everything. You can wear a tweed jacket mixed with a blouse, band t-shirt, a little sundress, a little black dress, the options are endless.


street_style_knits_20121114_2066396102Now here’s a material I think everyone will surly own. Wool! It’s one of the most common fabrics in the world. You have such a huge diversity in colors, thickness and styles. I especially love when they do intricate designs on jumpers and skirts, just that little touch of detail I think really gives the piece more character to it.

Faux Fur

cream-slash-beige-forever21-collarless-faux-fur-jacketFaux fur is also another great way to add texture to your outfit. I personally love the faux fur jackets and vests the best. They look amazing on just about everyone. Also when your buying a faux fur piece make sure to check that the fur is in good quality. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on a bad quality faux fur jacket for example then have to replace it a few months later.


img_5827_1.jpgEver since I saw those stunning 1920’s flapper dresses I have been in love with sequins. I think they just add this great touch of glamour to your clothes. Now unfortunately you do have to do some digging to find really good sequined clothes but when you do it is well worth the extra effort.

Those are all the ones I have for you. Let me know in the comments below what your favorite one is and how you would style it! Thank you for stopping by and reading my post I really appreciate it! If you enjoyed it don’t forget to like and follow me for more beauty and fashion related posts. I’ll see you in my next post.


Throwback OOTD: Rolling down the river

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Hello my beautiful readers,

How are you all doing this Friday? I am super excited for today’s post since I’m finally kicking off a new series I’m going to be doing called Throwback OOTD. I don’t know if it’s just me but I have always found it so interesting seeing how people dressed when they where younger. I love seeing the transitions and phases they went through to get to the current style they now wear.

Also the story that accompanies the outfit is always a joy to read.

So to officially kick things off I have chosen to share with this outfit I wore at the start of the year when I went for a one day holiday with my family and family friends. This photo was taken the next day when we went down to a river so my brother, dad and my dad’s friend could spent some time fishing before we had to head home. I remember we were all so tired, it had been a long drive to get there, it took us around 2 hours, plus we had had such a busy day when we got there we went to the local stores, went fishing on several different rivers, explored a bit of the town and had a huge bbq when we got back that afternoon. No lie we brought soo much food, there was only 7 of us but we brought enough food for 20. We went to sleep quite late that night and the next morning we had to be up super early to pack our things and clean the cabin a little since we had to check out at 7am sharp. As you can probably tell we didn’t really plan this trip out too well! 🙂

When we checked out we grabbed some coffees and headed to this river to fish, relax, take in the scenery and also build a small moat in the river. It was such a perfect way to end our holiday. I had so much fun 😀

Now it’s your turn, write up your own Throwback OOTD post and link it down in the comments below. I would love to read it! Thank you so much for taking time to read my posts, you guys are amazing! 🙂 I’ll talk to you all in my next post.

xxx Mirjana

I’m wearing:   Shirt: Temt   Pants: Kmart  Shoes: Havaianas

Master Salon Lingo

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cashmere meets khakis salonHello my beautiful readers,

How are you all this lovely Tuesday? Today I’m going to be sharing with you some hair lingo that I learned recently. Now if your wondering what hair lingo even is, it’s the “official” names for different hair cuts. {When I say official I mean the names the hairdressers learnt at school}. It’s been about 3 months since I last had my hair cut at the salon and as you could probably guess it was a disaster. I went in with long hair wanting long layers and came out with thin, shoulder length hair. Safe to say after that experience I swore of ever going back to a salon to get my hair cut.

But some time has passed, my hairs gotten long again and I’m thinking it’s got about 2 more months until it gets too long and dull and in need of a makeover. I do again want to put long layers in my hair but I don’t want to try to cut them myself {Past Experiences: Major Fail}. After going through an old magazine I stumbled across a hair lingo guide and what do you know it had exactly the haircut I wanted. Knowing this information definitely makes me feel more confident and relaxed about going back to get my hair cut.

Since this has been a huge help to me I thought why not share it with you all too. So let’s get into it….

#Asymmetrical Cut

cashmere meets khakisFirst is the Asymmetrical Cut. This is when one side of your hair is shorter than the other. This was a very popular look during the 80’s and for a while now more modern versions of this haircut have been popping up everywhere.

#Blast Drying

cashmere meets khakis

Blast Drying is when you blast the roots of your hair with a blow dryer on high heat. This will create a lot of lift and volume.

#Blunt Cut

cashmere meets khakisThe Blunt Cut refers to any hairstyle with strong edges. For example long straight hair with no layers to it or straight cut bangs {or fringe}. It looks really good on hair that is really sleek and shiny.


cashmere meets khakisDiffusing is a method of blow drying and styling your hair. It’s a really great method for curly haired women since it uses a special attachment, which is placed at the end of the blow dryer, that controls the flow of the air. This helps to create more well formed curls and also eliminates any frizziness.


cashmere meets khakisElevating is usually the final step to a haircut. This technique will remove the bluntness from your hair leaving you with a more softer, natural finish. It’s also great for creating movement in your hair.

#Finger Drying

cashmere meets khakisFinger drying is when the hairdresser uses their fingers to lift your hair from the roots while they’re blow drying to create a more tousled look.

#Geometric Cut

cashmere meets khakisThe Geometric Cut is when your hair is cut into a totally even balance on both sides of your face. A bit like a one length bob.


cashmere meets khakisThis is a very subtle cut that takes away from the edges of your hair. It removes the heaviness and flatness but still keeps the length on the top.

#Jagged Cut

cashmere meets khakisThe jagged cut is when your sections of your hair is cut on an angle to create a very messy sort of wispy look.

#Layered Cut

cashmere meets khakisThis haircut is designed to take the heaviness away from long hair. It also adds a lot of volume to your hair without losing the length. The hairdresser just takes the top of your hair and cuts it shorter in descending lengths. This haircut is also great for shorter hair since it adds a lot of movement and volume to it.

#Slicing Up

cashmere meets khakisThis haircut works great on shorter, cropped hairstyles. What it does is make the hair look more full from the roots to the ends.

#Slicing Down

cashmere meets khakis

Whilst the Slicing Up hair cut gives your hair a more fuller look this haircut is designed to remove the weight from the ends of your hair to stop it looking heavy and dragging your face down. It creates a more defined edge for your hair style.


cashmere meets khakisA Texturising Cut is when your hairdresser cuts your hair without taking away any of the length. This will create beautiful texture and movement in your hair without cutting your hair shorter.

I don’t know about you but I’m feeling more confident then ever going back to a salon now that I’m armed with my hair lingo. I’m personally going to be trying out either the Texturising Cut or Layered Cut when I go. If you try any of these out do let me know in the comments below or tell me on one of my social media accounts which will be linked to the side of this post.Also if you liked this post make sure to click the like and follow button for more beauty and fashion related posts.

I hope you found this post any way helpful I’ll talk to you beautiful ladies in my next post

xxx Mirjana

Update On Cashmere Meets Khakis


cashmere meets khakisHello my beautiful readers,

How are you all this lovely day? For today’s post I wanted to update you all on what I have been up to lately.

For a few days now me and my mum have been painting all the wardrobes in our house. Originally we planned to finish this in a day or two but it’s somehow turned into a week long project. It seemed like every time we got started something would come up and we’d have to leave it for the next day. I’m happy to say today we finally got one whole wardrobe done. YAY! now only another two to go.

Besides painting I have been working on some really great stuff for this blog. While I don’t want to share to much right away I can tell you some of the things you can look forward to is a new blog layout/template, a fashion series, more video content of this blog {I’ll talk more about this in a later post} and a new d.i.y section.

I would also love to hear from you any suggestions you have on what you would like for me to write about. Let me know if you would like more reviews, makeup tutorials or look books or I’ve been thinking of doing a post on me decluttering my wardrobe. How I choose what to keep and throw away that sort of thing. Let me know in the comments below if you would like that sort of post. I’ll talk to you all in my next post -Mirjana