Natalie Portman Dior 2013 Inspired Daytime Look

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This has probably been one of my favorite videos to film so far. And not only because I got to recreate one of my favorite actresses campaigns but also because I got to do this as a collab with a fellow Youtuber, the very talented Jasmina Bharwani.

So the way we did the collab is I recreated Natalie Portman’s Dior campaign from 2013, while she recreated her campaign from 2016.


As you can see from the top photos her 2013 Dior campaign was very feminine and girly whilst her 2016 one was more sexy and sophisticated.

I ended up creating a daytime look inspired by her 2013 campaign while Jasmina created an evening look inspired by her 2016 campaign. Both videos I’ll add somewhere on here so you can check them out!

I love the way both videos turned out and I hope you love them just as much!!!


– Everything I used in my video I’ll have listed below –






 Make sure to check out Jasmina’s video too! She did a phenomenal job recreating Natalie’s makeup look from her Dior 2016 campaign!

My Everyday Summer Makeup Routine

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My Top 5 Summer Getaway Essentials

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Hello my beautiful readers,

How are you all doing today? For today’s post I wanted to share with you my top 5 Summer Getaway Essentials!

For those of you who are properly wondering “isn’t it winter in Australia currently!”. Yes, yes it is but I did notice for a large majority of you who read my blog it is currently summer, so that’s why I chose to write this blog post. I wanted to post something that you could find helpful and could relate to. I talked to some of my friends from HomeAway about this summer essential post and together we ended up creating the beautiful graphic I have featured on this post. I absolutely loved the way it turned out!

Let’s get into the post 🙂


                                                                             THE BINGO THEORY


My number one summer essential is a good book. I love either sitting at the beach or under a tree in a park and just reading for hours. My book recommendation for this summer is The Bingo Theory by Mimi Ikonn. The Bingo Theory teaches you how you can balance the masculine and feminine energies within yourself so you can live your life to the fullest. I’ve personally loved learning about this theory, I found it really fascinating and thought provoking.



Sunscreen! Really important for both protecting me from UV rays and keeping me from resembling a lobster in the summer. #palegirlproblems

                                                                                COCONUT OIL

coconut-oilAnother top essential of mine is definitely coconut oil. I adore coconut oil, I use it for so many things. In the summer I love rubbing it onto my body to both moisturize my skin and help me get a bit of a tan. It’s also great for soothing sunburn if you get unlucky and get burnt a little.

                                                                 A CUTE BATHING SUIT


A cute bathing suit is a huge summer essential must for me! When it comes to buying new bathing suits I’m usually very picky. They always have to pass my test questions first..

  1. Am I comfortable in it?
  2. Will I wear it all the time or is this a one time suit only?
  3. Do I feel confident and happy with my body wearing it?

If I answer yes to all three of the questions above then I will purchase it but if I answer no to even one of the questions then I usually pass on it. I’ve found this to be a really good hack to have when buying clothing. This way I only purchase things I truly love and will wear.

Where you can buy it:

                                                                             FRESH FRUIT


And last but not least is having fresh fruit to snack on all day! I LOVE when summer fruits are in season again. From peaches to plums, cherries, apricots, kiwis, grapes, blueberries, cranberry’s, I’m getting hungry just listing all these fruits. 🙂

Those are my top 5 summer getaway essentials. Let me know in the comments below what are YOUR top 5 summer getaway essentials!

I look forward to hearing from all of you and I hope your all having an amazing summer so far!! I’ll talk to you all in my next post 😀

xxx Mirjana

My Summer Nail Polish Collection

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blog postHello my beautiful readers,

How are you all this lovely day? For today’s post I wanted to share with you my summer nail polish collection. One of my favorite things to do at the start of a new season is to go through all my nail polishes and choose which few will be my go-to’s for the next few months. I usually do this because I hate having all my nail polishes out and taking space. This way I only take out the ones I know I’ll be using the most through summer and the rest I put in a bag and store it in a closet. After spending some time going through the whole bag I have narrowed it down to these nine.

  • Arm Candy


The first one I have chosen is this Sally Hanson Salon Manicure nail polish in the shade Arm Candy.I love how elegant and classy the light pink looks on my nails. It’s such a beautiful color that goes with every outfit I put together.


  • English Rose


The second one I’ve chosen is this one from Rimmel London in the shade English Rose. What I love about this shade is how it creates the perfect french nail. All you do is apply two coats and you get this very light pink coverage. It’s a really subtle color but is absolutely beautiful especially  with the glossiness it adds to your nails.

I tried to take some before and after pictures of me apply it to my nail but I’m not sure if the photos turned out that good.



  • Tropical Heat

DSCN9346The next one I chose is this beautiful shade called Tropical Heat by the brand Face Of Australia. I was pretty hesitant about buying anything from this brand again since I have had a few bad purchases from them but I’m really happy I decided to purchase this nail polish from them. The color is like a mix of pink, brown and silver.It looks magnificent especially when the light hits it.



  • Angora Cardi


The next lucky contender that has made the cut is this lovely polish called Angora Cardi by the brand Essie. This one I didn’t have to think about. When I saw it it was automatically in the  yes pile. Just look at that color absolutely gorgeous.



  • Shocking Pink


I know what your probably thinking “How much pink nail polish does one girl need” just one more I promise. 🙂 I chose this color called Shocking Pink by the brand Loreal Paris because it was so different from the pinks I normally choose. I always tend to stick to the lighter shades but I thought why not switch things up a bit and experiment with this bright hot pink. I’ve already worn it a few times and I absolutely love it, it looks so good!



  • Rebel Blue


In keeping of the tone of switching things up I have also chosen this deep blue in the shade Rebel Blue by the brand Loreal Paris. From the moment I saw this nail polish in the store I was in aww. It’s such a stunning shade of blue kind of reminds me of the color of Rose Dawson’s heart necklace, anyone else?



  • Gold Carat


This next one I’ve chosen isn’t a typical nail polish per say it’s basically a bottle full of sparkles covered in clear polish. There are honestly sooooo much sparkles in it you don’t even need to prep your nails with a coat of normal nail polish before hand you can just add a coat or two of this and your nails will be completely covered in gold sparkles. It’s looks so stunning especially when your out in the sun when the sparkles are in full force. It’s just wow 🙂



  • Golden Rose Purple


The next one I’ve chosen is this beautiful purple by the brand Golden Rose.I am still surprised this nail polish has held up as long as it has. I got this the last time I was in Serbia, which was around five years ago, and for it to still be as good as when I first got it is pretty cool. I also remember the nail polishes being really inexpensive from this brand they were around five dollars I think maybe less.



  • Golden Rose Baby Blue

baby blue nail polish

{Woops completely forgot to take a photo of this one, here’s a snap of the polish with my little supermodel cat}

Last but not least is this beautiful baby blue nail polish also from the brand Golden Rose. {I also go this one in Serbia.} I love the way this color looks especially in the summer time when you have a bit of a tan going on, it’s looks so good.

Those are all of the nail polishes I’ve chosen for my summer collection. I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Let me know in the comments below what nail polishes you would include in your summer collection. Don’t forget to like and follow to stay updated on more of my fashion and beauty posts. I’ll talk to you all in my next post.

xxx Mirjana
















Meet My New Favorite All Natural Organic Cleanser

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cashmere meets khakisHello my beautiful readers,

How are you all this lovely day? For today’s post I wanted to write a review on a new cleanser I got recently. The cleanser I got is by the brand Moreish, which sells all natural organic products, and I got their foaming cleanser. They do also sell a cream cleanser if you don’t like the gel texture to the foaming one but I just decided to try this one first then when I run out I’ll try their cream one next.

What first caught my eye about this cleanser was the packaging it came in. What can I say I’m a sucker for cute packaging 🙂

The light blue mixed with the images of flowers on the sides complement each other so well and it just looks so elegant and put together.

Now before I bought the cleanser I did make sure to test out as many of their products beforehand. I can’t tell you the amount of times I have bought a product and thought “Hey it’s got cute packaging the product must be good” unfortunately for me this wasn’t the case 96% of the time. The lesson to be learnt here is ALWAYS test out the product before buying it, it’ll save you the headache and a few extra dollars.

cashmer meets khakisI love how creative they were when naming their products. Some names I saw were Euphoria for the cream cleanser, Emergance for the clay mask, Resurgence for their hand cream and for my foaming cleanser I got Liberation. The main ingredients in my cleanser are organic Moroccan Argan oil, Green Tea and Manuka Honey.

I have been a huge fan of manuka honey because of its many health benefits for so long now so I was excited when I saw it was one of the main ingredients included into their cleanser.

cashmere meets khakisAnother thing I love about this cleanser is the removable cap it comes with. Now I don’t know if they had originally planned this or if your just suppose to throw the cap away but I’ve found it’s great to use for when your traveling. You just put the cap around the nozzle and that stops the nozzle from going all the way down spilling the gel all over your bag. Now if only more products came with this.

Cashmere meets khakisThe texture of the gel is pretty much the same as of my previous foaming cleansers. It’s light and smooth and goes on nicely and I’ve noticed it doesn’t go all over the bottle once you use it which I can’t say for my other cleanser.

For this past week when I have been washing my face with this cleanser I’ve noticed how it leaves my skin feeling really soft whilst also giving my skin a refreshed look to it which I especially love early in the mornings. I also like to wash my face with this cleanser on nights when I feel like I haven’t fully taken all of my makeup off with a wipe I just wash my face with this and am good to go.

That’s all I have for you today. Let me know in the comments below if any of you have tried any products from Moreish and if you have what did you think of them? If you liked this post make sure to like and follow me for more beauty and fashion related posts. I’ll talk to you all in my next post -Mirjana

My Go To Everyday Makeup Products

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cashmere meets khakis makeup

Hello my beautiful readers,

Today I’m gonna be sharing with you my go to everyday makeup products. I really love the whole natural makeup look so that’s what I usually go for on the weekdays when I’m doing my makeup. It looks really pretty and fresh  plus I save so much time in the mornings, 20 minutes if I’m being precise. The items below are everything that I use to create the look if you have any recommendations let me know in the comments below I’d love to hear from you. Without further ado let’s get into it…


Before I put on any makeup I make sure to always put on my moisturizer first. This stops my foundation from looking cakey and also keeps my makeup looking fresh all day. I use this Rosehip Regenerating Facial Moisturizer by Essano. I have been using this moisturizer for so long now and I think it truly gives you your moneys worth. It lasts for so long since you only need to use a drop or two since it’s super moisturizing.

nude foundation

This is a Liquid Mineral Foundation from the brand Nude By Nature. I first tried this foundation two years ago when I went on vacation with my family. I would get pimples in really unlucky places on my face and I would look so red in every picture. I wanted to finally take some good vacation pictures and this is when I found this foundation. The summers here in Australia get really HOT so I was happy with how this foundation held up for so much of the day.

natio foundationThis is Natio’s Pure Mineral Foundation in the shade light-medium. I got this one after my other foundation became to light for my skin tone. I love the way this foundation leaves my skin feeling soft, covers any red spots and flecks and how it gives my skin this airbrushed look in photos. If I know I’m gonna be taking photos I always make sure to put this foundation on.

innoxa blushInnoxa has quickly become one of my favorite makeup brands. I’ve tried out a few of their products and every last one has been amazing. One of the products is this Velvet Blush Powder in the shades Peach and Posy. I’m not the most skilled person when it comes to applying blush, I usually end up looking like a clown, but when I use this blush I always get the perfect amount on my cheeks. Its like a magic blush….or I have improved a lot at putting blush on.

DSCN8440I use this Daytime Neutrals eye-shadow palette literally everyday. This palette has such beautiful colors to it, you have a cream, light brown, cooper and dark brown. The colors show up really well on my eyelids and also stay there for all of the day {just as long as you don’t forget primer}.

innoxa mascaraAnother Innoxa gem is this Ultimate Lash Mascara in the shade brown. I had been looking for a brown mascara for so long and when I saw Innoxa had one I just had to try it. I’m so glad I did because it has become one of my favorite mascaras. It elongates my lashes plus the smell is not too strong like other mascaras which I like.

lipstick revlonThis is Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick in the shade Wine With Everything. Some of you might remember this lipstick from my very first blog post, well even after all this time it still remains as one of my favorite lipsticks.

maybelline lipglossOne days when I don’t feel like wearing lipstick I opt for this lip gloss by Maybelline New York. This lip gloss has such a beautiful color to it and it just looks amazing once you apply it. The shade I have is Caramel Infused.

That’s all for today’s post I hope you like it. Like and Leave me a comment below on what are some of your go to everyday makeup products, I’d love to hear from you. I’ll talk to you all in my next post bye.


Banish Acne, Grow Longer Hair And Much More Using Only One Ingredient

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coconut oil

Hello my beautiful readers,

I’m sorry this post is late, I just got really busy and couldn’t put it up yesterday but I’m back today and I’m going to be sharing with you one of my favorite products that helps get rid of acne, helps your hair grow longer, makes your stretch marks disappear and a multitude of other things. That product is none other then coconut oil. I have been in love with coconut oil ever since I used it a few years back to help fix my damaged hair. When I was younger I loved experimenting with my hair with different hair colors, haircuts and boy did I love my curling iron and straightener. As you can probably guess my hair got damaged really quickly so I had to cut my hair into a shoulder length bob and let it grow out….slowly.

I was reading through a magazine when I saw Miranda Kerr had mentioned she loves putting coconut oil in her hair to keep it healthy and strong since she gets her hair styled for photo shoots frequently. I went to the store the next day, bought some coconut oil, put it in my hair, waited..waited then washed it out. I was in total awe at how after using it only once my hair was more soft then it had been in a while. It really helped my hair get back to the way it was before if not make it better.

Let’s get into my top ten favorite uses for coconut oil.

Grow Your Eyelashes Longer

I am the biggest chicken when it comes to gluing on fake eyelashes. I still have two boxes of brand new, unopened fake eyelashes sitting in my drawer from 2013 that are still waiting to be used. So when I read on Pinterest that you can dab on a little coconut oil onto your eyelashes and that it would help them grow I knew I had to give it a go. Personally I think my eyelashes have grown more longer since putting coconut oil on them every night but I know everyone’s opinion is different. With this one you have to try it yourself and see what you think you might love it or you might not either way you should try it.

Use It As A Shaving Cream

I have stopped buying shaving creams and have just been using coconut oil when I’m shaving my legs. I love how you get a really close shave, your legs feel so soft plus you get no razor burns or cuts. Did I mention how soft your legs feel 🙂

Make Scratches Heal Faster

Coconut oil is an essential item for anyone who owns a cat or a pet that loves to leave scratches all over your hands. I can’t count the amount of times my hands have been covered with scratches from my little ball of fluff. I’ll admit I do annoy him when he sleeps but he’s just to cute not to cuddle. For the scratches to heal quicker I just rub coconut oil onto my hands right before I go to bed for a few days and they are completely gone.


{My Sweet Little Pancake, Puko}

Banish Acne

I love wearing my hair down 96% of the time and that sometimes causes my back to break out. I get rid of my back acne by applying some coconut oil every morning and before bed at night.

Moisturizer For Your Body

Coconut oil is one of my favorite ways to moisturize my skin. I rub some on my whole body right before I go to bed. The next day when I wake up my skin is soft and full of moister and just ready for the day.

Make Stretch Marks Disappear

I had a few stretch marks on my thighs from when I was going through puberty. They were really red and noticeable and I remember feeling really insecure about them. I tried a few different ways to make them less noticeable but nothing worked until I started putting coconut oil on them. The more I applied the more they started to lighten up in color and while it didn’t happen instantly my stretch marks aren’t the slightest bit noticeable now. They are light and just blend right in. I would highly recommend coconut oil to anyone who wants to make their stretch marks less noticeable.

Body Scrub

Coconut oil and brown sugar, One of my favorite exfoliating body scrubs. You rub this in while your showering and when you rinse it of your skin is as smooth as a a newly polished table. At least in my opinion it is.

Homemade Toothpaste


I got to thank Pinterest for this one. I had no idea how many recipes there were for making your own toothpaste. I personally cannot wait to try this toothpaste recipe I found at, I’ll give you all a link to check it out.

Makeup Remover

After getting frustrated one to many times at running out of makeup wipes a week from buying them I decided to switch to using plain old tissue and coconut oil to remove my makeup. I love how it gets all of my makeup of, I always hated when some mascara gets leftover and it ruins my towel. I’m happy to say no towels have been ruined with mascara since using coconut oil.

Grow Hair Longer And Healthier

I went to the hairdressers and got my hair cut in August. It wasn’t that bad of a haircut I actually really liked it that was until it started to grow out. My hair was an inch past my shoulders and had layers all over {It looked exactly like Brooke Davis’ hair from season one}. As my hair began to grow out the ends of went really thin and they looked really dry and damaged. It’s been around a month and I am in awe at how long my hair has grown. {I’ll add a photo down below}

All I did was rub coconut oil in my hair, left it for an hour or longer if I have the time then just washed it out. If you do this every time before you wash your hair in a few weeks you will see a major difference. blog post

Those are all of my favorite uses for coconut oil I hope you liked it. Let me know in the comments below what are some of your favorite ways to use coconut oil or just come say hi. Make sure to like and follow my blog so you don’t miss any updates.

I’ll talk to you all on Tuesday. -Mirjana

My Secret To Clear Skin

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more-soap Hello my lovelies,
For today’s post I wanted to share with you my secret for getting clear skin. About a year ago I made the decision to stop washing my face with face washes and switched to using only organic soaps. My skin has improved so much over time, my skin hardly breaks out [if you exclude the 2-3 pimples that pop up when I eat something to spicy], it’s more clear, hydrated and my complexion has evened out really nicely. If you’ve been thinking of changing your skincare routine I highly recommend you try doing it this way. I’ve included all the soaps I own and have been using this past year so let’s get into it.

nano saopThis soap is actually a new addition to my soap collection. It is the Wellness Exfoliating Body Bar by the brand Natio. It’s a really great inexpensive soap that leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturized. I highly recommend it.

orange and honey soapThis soap is a mix of orange and manuka honey. Whilst I always avoid purchasing any products that smell like orange this soap has got me to change my mind. The smell is unbelievable, it has such a beautiful orange scent to it that it automatically makes me think of summer whenever I smell it. This is one soap I suggest everyone to try at least once you won’t be disappointed.

goat milk soappAhh goat milk soap, I bought this one right after I started drinking goat milk. This soap still stands at the top of my list for best soap I own. It’s my go to soap when I want my skin to feel a bit more moisturized.

tilley manuka honeyThis soap is made from Manuka honey. I bought this soap after my mum showed me a article which listed all the health benefits that manuka honey has in it. It has to be my second favorite soap that I own it just leaves my skin looking amazing and clear and I just love it. I bought this particular one in a small boutique store but I have seen that you can get it in Safeway too.

aloe vera soapThis soap is one I received when I stayed at a caravan park and it’s made from aloe vera. I haven’t used this one in a while now since I’ve been testing out some of my newer soaps but I remember this soap always left my skin feeling really soft and looking fresh and clean.

noni soapNow this soap I have been using a lot this past week. I love the way it brightens up my skin and leaves it feeling so smooth. I’m really glad this soap was included with my Noni juice other wise I might have never known about this gem.

That’s all folks, I hope you liked today’s post. If you have any recommendations let me know in the comments below I would love to hear from you. I’ll talk to you all on Friday.


My Springtime Essentials

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spring essentials

Hello my lovelies, How are you all today. After the longest winter known to man spring has finally arrived this week. To celebrate I thought I would show you all some of my spring essentials.


Dry Shampoo. Specifically Batiste Dry Shampoo for brunettes. This is the very first dry shampoo I ever tried and I have no plans of changing brands anytime soon. I love using this dry shampoo between washes it makes my hair look clean, feel soft plus it doesn’t leave white powder all over my hair which is a huge plus.

silver cardi

I bought this cardigan from Best & Less a few days ago. I had an eye on this particular piece for a while now and when I saw that it was on sale I knew I had to get it. It’s perfect for the spring time soft, lightweight, but keeps you warm too.

PicMonkey Collage

If you haven’t guessed by now I love to shop at Best & Less. These flats I bought a few months ago for $5.00, for anyone wanting to know I have seen a few pairs still in stores. Now it had been quite some time since I owned any shoes that were leopard print. The last time was when I was 6 and obsessed with the Cheetah Girls which seems like a lifetime ago. When I saw these babys I knew I had to get them. I have worn them a few times since I got them and they are one of the comfiest shoes I own.


Whilst it is getting warmer it’s still not the time to be wearing flats with no tights on. I recently got these knee length silk tights at Big W for around $5.00 unfortunately I threw away the packaging so I’m not to sure what brand it’s from. One thing I love is how the color of the tights matches my skin perfectly.


What’s more nicer then sitting outside with a cup of tea and a great book. My book recommendation for this spring would have to be this book bundle I got at Big W. Since I love a good love story I chose the Forever Romance one. This book includes The Millionaire’s True Worth by Rebecca Winters & Small-Town Secrets by Pamela Tracy. Right now I’m still enjoying reading The Millionaire True Worth it’s a really beautifully written story.


My favorite lip product for spring would have to be Revlon’s Wine With Everything lipstick. It’s in such a beautiful shade of red much like the name suggests it’s color matches that of a red wine. It’s also really moisturizing on the lips and stays on for a long time.


Recently I bought this beautiful shade of pink nail polish called Arm Candy {175} from Sally Hanson. What I love about this nail polish is how it dries into a gel texture and stays on for a long time after you’ve applied it. Which is a big plus since I’m pretty lazy when it comes to retouching my nail polish.


Versace’s Woman Parfum has been one of my go to scents for spring. It has such a lovely light classic sent to it I just love wearing it all the time.


This moisturizer I actually discover last summer and is a product I recommend to everyone. It is one of the best moisturizers I have ever used period. I have really fussy skin which breaks out easily and this is the only cream that can get my skin to clear up and be soft and smooth. It’s also great for clearing up back acne.


My favorite snack for spring would have to be a bowl of fresh, sweet berries. Yum!!!

Those are all of my spring essentials I hope you liked them. I would love to hear what some of your springtime essentials are so make sure to comment below. I’ll talk to you in my next post.